August 1, 2016



In our customers’ own words:


Gerry U. (Oct 4, 2016)

Dave is a real stand up guy. Dave not only fixed our plumbing needs while we were vacationing in South Yarmouth, but gave us tips on the best local beaches and restaurants.

Christine Ednie (Oct 5, 2016)
Dave the Plumber is the best! He quickly returned a text message I sent on a Sunday afternoon. He called the next day to say he was in the area and wanted to check out my kitchen faucet that was leaking. Not only did he fix my leaking faucet but noticed my sprayer was leaking. He explained that over time, this unnoticeable leak could do major damage under my counter. Without hesitation he fixed that leak too!
Dave is an experienced plumber, who is well known throughout the Cape, especially in the Mid-Cape, area. He is friendly, knowledgeable and his prices are very reasonable. I wouldn’t call anyone else, but Dave the Plumber!

George McCutcheon (Oct 20, 2016)

I have used Dave for our business and personal residence. He does our seasonal shut downs as well as any issues with our heating and plumbing that arise. He is always on time or early. Does a great job and is extremely fair in his pricing compared to his competition. If you want someone who is decent, honest and has extremely competitive price points give Dave a call. You will not be disappointed.
Thanks Dave

Robin Nesnow (Aug 31, 2016)


Timely, efficient, neat

John A. (Aug 19, 2016)
Nothing is less fun than having a toilet that won’t flush and water backing up into the shower basin in an 80 year old cottage. I called another service (not Dave) and they recommended that I have the cesspool pumped. Their guy came by and told me the cesspool was basically empty and that there was no point in pumping it. He called his dispatcher and scheduled a drain clean out (basically a roto rooter). I waited a couple of hours to find out when the service would be scheduled and decided to call Dave to see if someone else could get here sooner. (Did I mention that the non-flushing toilet was making the cottage smell like an outhouse?)

Dave came by after he finished a job – about an hour – opened the cesspool, looked at the pipe, and diagnosed that the pipe needed to be replaced because 1) asphalt pipe in 2) old house. Did some research on the side: “before the 1960s, bell and spigot sewer pipe joints were often sealed with oakum (asphalt saturated hemp fiber) and cement mortar. These joints were
assumed to have a lifetime of 25 to 30 years, after which the joint sealant would result in leaks.”
Once the leaks start, plant roots invade the pipe and stuff stops going through. Dave observed that you could possibly clear out the roots, but the problem would just keep coming back.

So my roto-rooter quote was almost $400 and replacing the pipe would be a little over twice that. I’m not into half-assed fixes, so I went with Dave’s diagnosis. He came the next day and replaced the old sewer “lateral” with PVC pipe that won’t let roots in. The old pipe had so many roots in it you couldn’t see through it. Problem solved!

When you call a professional you expect them to have the experience and knowledge to fix the problem and not to just treat the symptoms when the problem will just keep coming back. Dave’s a plumber who knows his stuff. He works fast and his prices are fair. Hence I’m going out of my way to give him a review since I appreciate that my plumbing problem is fixed, not just postponed.

Old Landing (Aug 15, 2016)

As a local hotel owner I must say that I’m lucky to have Dave the Plumber right here in my town. He is on the ball, shows up quickly and does a CLEAN fine job. He has done minor jobs (like today) and even installed my furnace over a decade ago. Thanks Dave!

Carol Marchant (Aug 1, 2016)

I called Dave as I was in a terrible mess with my bathroom that had been going on for months. He came out did a great job and then came back and finished up the bathroom. I found him to be trustworthy, reasonable and a great guy.. I would recommend him. I have had a lot of trouble with workers on Cape Cod and now I have a plumber I can trust.

lynn croteau (Jul 19, 2016)


I called Dave after the Gas company locked my Gas meter Dave went to my cottage to check my hot water tank and gas heater. turns out I had a old fire alarm / carbon monoxide detector . Dave was so accommodating to my renters in the cottage . very pleasant trusting company I could not Thank him enough .


Dave he is the man, called late on a Friday nite, he came did his job and saved the day, thank you dave

Carolyn Kizielewicz (Jul 8, 2016)


I would highly recommend Dave The Plumber. We had a minor plumbing emergency in a rental property and needed it repaired within 24 hours. Dave answered our call immediately, arrived at the home within 30 minutes and solved our problem within 2 hours. He charged us a reasonable rate, was friendly, professional and neat. The bathroom was in full working order, clean and dry when he left. I am so thankful that he was available and willing to help us out. I now have him on speed dial!!

Patricia S. (Jun 6, 2016)

I was extremely please with the help Dave the Plumber gave me with my dishwasher problem.  He is thorough, knows what he’s taking about, offers suggestions for a solution, and was more than fair in reference to the service charge.

Try him for any plumbing problem; you won’t regret it!

Jeffrey Patrick (Jun 1, 2016)


Dave was on time and did a great job , all was done perfect and done in good time

David Young (May 3, 2016)


I’ve been dealing seasonally with Dave for a number of years now. He has consistently gone out of his way to accommodate me every spring, fall and in between. At least twice now we’ve had issues with defective work by the Dennis Water District which required multiple visits and follow up by Dave and he always sees me through to a successful conclusion. I find him friendly, reliable and completely trustworthy.

Tim (May 2, 2016)


I just met Dave and he treated me like I was his best customer. He went out of his way to help me on a Saturday afternoon.
Clean, reliable, professional, friendly service.

Amy C. (Mar 10, 2016)


I highly reccomend Dave the Plumber for efficient and prompt plumbing help.  Give Dave a call, you’ll be glad you did!

Mark Sullivan (Mar 1, 2016)


Dave dropped what he was doing and came to my house within an hour. Had to repair broken pipes in a crawl space. Didn’t complain about the terrible working conditions , just went about his business and repaired the pipes. Very reasonable rates , polite and a pro.

Jean Kinkead (Feb 25, 2016)


Dave was running ahead of schedule and actually phoned and arrived earlier than planned. He installed the new bathroom fixtures with minimal disruption and nice clean up. The cost was under original quote. I’m very pleased with the quality of Dave’s work and he’s really pleasant to work with.